Increased Patient Health Outcomes

Pep Talk Health was started by Dr. Digant M. Nanavati, MD who has been practicing family medicine for over 20 years in Central New York. Dr. Nanavati saw that his patients weren’t getting the education and engagement they needed to make informed decisions about their health. He also noticed that many practices do not utilize digital tools because of cost or just being overwhelmed with regular operations.

Pep Talk Health has made a way for you to increase your revenue stream and improve your workflow with the digital patient engagement. Adding digital tools to your practice, like a phone app, can help streamline your workflow and make it easier to manage, so that you’re able to take on more patients.

Pep Talk Health Systems have garnered amazing statistics and success for both patients and their doctors.


  • Digant M. Nanavati MD, FAAFP | Chairman
  • Kaushal B. Nanavati MD, FAAFP, ABOIM | Chief Medical Officer
  • Cyrus S. Chipman | Director of Business and Development, Software Development Management, Sales and Implementation
  • Daniel Devendorf | Director of Engineering, Digital Signage Engineering, Hardware Installation and Maintenance
  • Cowley Associates | Content Marketing, Web Development
  • Hancock Estabrook (Jennifer Bolster, Ashley Hayes, Zack Mattison) | Legal
  • Rick Dettor | Finance and Accounting
  • Harshal D. Nanavati | Software Implementation, Virtual Scribe Implementation
  • Dhruv D. Nanavati | Software Implementation, App Training
  • Shivam K. Nanavati | Software Implementation, App Training