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PEPTalk Health Instructions

Step 1. Open Pep Talk Health App 

Step 2. If window regarding email verification and/or health summary shows up press skip (most of the time neither of these windows will pop up)

Step 3. If you are using an Apple phone: Press the monitoring button on the bottom of the screen

If you are using an Android phone: Press the three bars on the top left of your screen and select Monitoring.

Step 4. Press “Vitals”

Step 5. Press “BP & Pulse Rate”

Step 6. Press the plus button to create a new reading

Step 7. Press the name of your monitor called “iHealth Ease”

Step 8. Wait for the green light to show on your white monitor. Once the light has shown, press start on your phone screen.

Step 9. Once your reading has shown on the screen remember to press the “Save and Close” button located at the bottom left of your screen.

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