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Patient FAQs

Q: What is remote patient monitoring?

A: Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is a revolutionary way for medical providers and patients to share vital statistics such as blood pressure, blood glucose, oxygen levels, weight, and other measures more easily using devices that can remotely transfer the information to the provider’s office or electronic medical records.


Q: Do I need to have a chronic condition to be able to use PEPTalk?

A: you do not need to have a chronic condition to use PEPTalk. Our App is most easily accessible for patients of health care providers who are in our network. Check with your doctor today to see if they are a part of the PEPTalk revolution.


Q: Will my insurance cover my PEPTalk virtual visits?

A: Due to COVID-19, most insurers are currently covering virtual visits. This continues to evolve so you will want to make sure to stay in touch with your insurance provider to understand the coverage for your specific health plan.


Q: How do I connect my remote monitoring device with the PEPTalk app?

A: Please contact your health provider’s office if you wish to engage in remote patient monitoring as they will need some information before you get started and will be able to take you through the process step by step.


Q: What do I do if I have a dangerously low or high vital sign?

A: In case of emergency please contact 911 immediately. If it is not an emergency, please contact your health provider’s office if you are uncertain or worried about a result. 


Q: What do I do if I need help using the PEPTalk Health app?

A: For questions about our app, you can contact your health provider’s office and they will have a designated staff member who may be able to help. If you are unable to reach them or have

question they are unable to answer you can contact our customer support through the chat box on our website. Please give us a 48-72 hour window within which to return your call due to call volume.

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