What Providers And Patients
Are Saying About Pep Talk Health

We are a family medicine practice that also specializes in pain management and addiction treatment. The recent addition of Pep Talk Health in our office has given us the necessary digital tools needed to operate in today’s world easily and inexpensively. We are looking forward to additional Pep Talk health tools as we progress!

We are a multi-specialty orthopedic group with dozens of surgeons, our Pep Talk Health App has helped thousands of patients have a smoother visit by getting new patient paperwork out of the way. In addition to immediate office workflow, our Pep Talk Health phone app helps patients find our offices, make payments, and easily allows us to adjust the dynamic video library. Digital Patient engagement is a necessity for the future, and Pep Talk Health has made it easy!

I have had diabetes for many years now. While I was waiting in the exam room, Pep Talk Health helped me truly understand the broad complications possible as a result of my diabetes, including things I didn’t even know about like foot and eye problems. My doctor has been telling me for years to be more proactive about diabetes complications, but it didn’t really hit home for me until I saw his recommendations emphasized on Pep Talk Health.

I wish all of my doctors would use Pep Talk Health! All too often I’m overwhelmed by all of the information I receive from my doctor’s office. Pep Talk helps me review the information when I need to in a way that’s easy to understand.

I’m often uneasy seeing a new doctor or specialist to talk about the condition I have. Pep Talk Health helped me visualize what my condition actually is and the future complication it may have. This system gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to be more proactive about my overall healthcare.

All of the medical information online is bewildering to me. Pep Talk Health is focused and I know its directed right from my doctor, which makes me feel confident about what I’m learning.

My doctor has Pep Talk Health and I’m glad to see someone I go to often be on the cutting edge and show she cares about educating me on my health.