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(For Sponsors and Providers)

A PEPTalk Health Waiting Room digital sign provides personalized introductions to your practice and staff as well as selected health information videos from CDC and other educational sources.  Your PEPTalk Health waiting room monitor informs and educates patients while helping your practice generate ancillary revenue. PEPTalk Health can help your practice save on digital tools like phone apps, kiosks, display monitors, costly cable services and more!

PepTalk Health, a digital healthcare company, is revolutionizing the industry by offering a unique and valuable service to healthcare providers. One of our offerings is the provision of free digital signage for medical offices. This innovative service enhances the waiting room experience for patients by providing engaging and informative content.

The digital signage features videos and information about local health companies, health initiatives, seasonal and industry health trends, and much more. It can be seamlessly integrated with any existing HDMI TV in a waiting room and is installed and managed by PepTalk Health.

The impact of this service is far-reaching, as it not only increases patients' health by providing valuable information, but also enhances the revenue of the practices. Furthermore, by offering this cutting-edge digital signage, PepTalk Health improves the image and perception of the practices, positioning them as forward-thinking and patient-centric establishments.


Digital Signage Key Points

  • Helps patient stay healthy

  • Promotes additional appointments

  • Increases revenue

  • Mitigate expensive tv providers

  • Have a professional image and make a great initial impression.

  • Offer and promote ancillary services and procedures to encourage healthy
    initiatives, preventive health, seasonal options.

  • Educate patients on important health initiatives and trends.

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