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Here's why you should use PEPTalk:

Comprehensive care management through digital patient engagement is a reality with PEPTalk Health. Our platform enables you to take advantage of proprietary app-based technology to connect with your patients for:

  • Remote patient monitoring

    • Blood pressure

    • Blood glucose

    • Pulse oximetry

  • Chronic care management

  • Telemedicine visits

Starting in 2019, Medicare and many other health insurance companies began reimbursing for these services. Remote patient monitoring has been shown to improve patient health outcomes when combined with personalized and group based care models while generating excellent ancillary revenue. Provide better care with better data as PEPTalk Health gives you the opportunity to evaluate and evolve your care model through reliable metrics. Contact us to learn more about our product, services, and the ease with which your patients and your practice can get started today.

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