Innovative Patient Engagement

Pep Talk Health’s Digital Patient Engagement Platform Tools provide a revolutionary way to engage, educate, and communicate to the patients in your office. This system will help doctors and practices of all sizes maximize their time and further engage patients about the healthcare topics that are most relevant to them. These tools include:

  • Digital Signage
  • Phone Apps
  • Kiosk Apps
  • Communication Monitors
  • Voice Assist Alexa/Google Home Skills

These, along with and many new digital patient engagement products available soon, are offered to you at NO COST to further support your healthcare business growth.

The Full Pep Talk Health System

Cloud Control
Connected Devices
Voice Assist
Scribe Services

Digital Signage

Why Let Others Benefit on What’s Seen in Your Waiting Room?

A Pep Talk Health Waiting Room Monitor provides personalized introductions to your practice and staff as well as selected health information videos from CDC and other educational sources.  Your Pep Talk Health waiting room monitor informs and educates patients while helping your practice save money. Pep Talk Health can help your practice save on digital tools like phone apps, kiosks, display monitors (and more!), as well as save money on removing your costly cable TV service.


Exam Room, Front Desk, and In-Office Kiosks

Pep Talk Health can support your practice with a variety of kiosks options. Our kiosks can attach to the wall, be added to a rolling cart, or customized to fit within your office space for superior access. Front desk kiosks can dramatically help your workflow by assisting your staff with patient information verification, forms, and other front desk functions. We also make kiosks for exam rooms and in office locations that can collect information and educate patients helping you optimize the patient waiting period. For example, having the answers to depression questionnaires (i.e. PHQ-9) before you even walk into the exam room makes things more streamlined for you and your staff.


A Phone App For Your Practice

Pep Talk Health phone apps provides innovative, on-the- services your business needs to meet the needs of all forms of practices. Efficiently deliver all your practice guidelines, education, forms, contact info, and more to your patients. Our phone apps have already proven to be successful and cost-effective, saving practices tens of thousands of dollars in paper work, making the front desk run much smoother. Pep Talk Health apps boost portal usage with fingerprint login, help you collect payments, and provide a dynamic education library that can be adapted to your needs.

Custom Cloud Control

Pep Talk Health helps your practice seamlessly leverage the Cloud. Our platform components are HIPAA compliant and can be customized for your needs. Our apps, kiosks, voice assist skills, dashboards, and other platform components can interact with the cloud integrating Fax systems, web sites, and EMR systems.

Connected Devices

Leveraging Connection

Pep Talk Health Platform Components can connect with numerous third-party devices such as FitBit like devices, smart watches, and other diagnostic equipment that can be used for proactive or reactive activities. Pep Talk Health can also integrate with your specific devices to hold data that can be used for analysis and usage reporting. We give you and your patients the tools to make more informed decisions.

Voice Assist

“Alexa? OK Google? Help My Office Workflow.”

Our Digital Patient Engagement product pipeline is always evolving, helping practices stay current in this increasingly digital world. Matriculated practices can choose to have Alexa or Google Home skills developed using voice control to collect annual wellness assessment data, help with medication compliance, and more.

Scribe Services

See More Patients, Do Less Typing

Are you sick of getting off of work and having hours of “homework” in order to play catch up on your encounter notes? Imagine having 90% of your encounter notes completed, on the screen right in front of you, as your patient is walking out of the exam room. Pep Talk Health’s virtual scribes are dedicated just to you, your personal virtual scribe will quickly become a part of your team.


Future-Forward Movement

Telemedicine may seem simple, but launching a telemedicine practice can be a daunting task. Pep Talk Health can help provide a turnkey telemedicine solution.  If you feel the time is right to adopt a telemedicine solution to enhance your practice and patient engagement, we’re here to help get you set up.